Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Release formary - format memory (Disk Drive Only)

xsan-lahci has been release new tools :D the name is formary .. what is that? formary aka format memory (disk drive only) is tool for format memory (disk drive) like flashdisk,harddisk,micro memory card (mmc),SDcard or etc but not for format RAM , this tool coded by bash programming .. this is formary.sh interface
formary interface

This script is under GPL v3 License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html).
dedicated for Indonesian Backtrack | idblackhat | bnteam and KSL-USNI
Thanks A lot My God (allah.SWT) | my parents | my teacher | my lovely Nabila - Happy Anniversary 4th years :p
     How to Use??
its so simple > you just need to insert :
 a (format your flashdisk)
 b (format your harddisk)
 c (format your other memory like mmc/SDcard/etc)
example i choose a (format flash disk)

/dev/sdb1 with format FAT32 is my flash disk
[x] Insert Your Flashdisk location >> /dev/sdb1
[x] Creat Your Flashdisk Name >> xsanlahci
mkfs.vfat starting for format your flashdisk
FOr B (Format Harddisk) only allowed EXT4 NOT SUPPORT FOR NTFS
Mirror from code.google.com
downloadnowMirror from dropbox.com
User Guide
1. extract file .tar.gz
2. read README.txt
3. execute file with
[code]root@linux :~# sh formary.sh [/code]
[code]root@linux :~# chmod +x formary.sh[/code]
[code]root@linux:~# ./formary.sh[/code]
For Feed Back and report bugs .. please submit > xsanlahci[at]gmail.com
Thanks to Mr.Ikonspirasi for correct me :D


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