Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Release HeartBleed Checker

hello , now i'm back , and i want to share simple script again ... what is that??? it's about Heartbleed , what is Heartbleed?? you can search on google.com bro , now i want to share tool for check your website from Heartbleed attack
The name is Heartbleed checker by XsanLahci - aka HBCX c0ded with bash scripting , i use nmap 6.45 on my kali linux , for more info , you can see this image HeartBleed Checker by Xsanlahci How to use??
  1. DOWNLOAD HBCX from Here
  2. Prepare your 5 target 's to scan
  3. go to HBCX directory
[code]root@kali :~# chmod +x hbcx[/code] [code]root@kali :~# ./hbcx[/code]
  1. Put your target , one by one
  2. if you have vuln heartbleed , you will get allert from nmap like this image
vuln heartbleed   hold on , if your target has been finish to scan,you can see the folder LOG to find some report-target.com.txt :D

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