Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Release XsanSniff

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XsanSniff is auto sniffing tools, support HTTP / HTTPS whatever , include capture image support interface eth & wlan What we need?? 1. Kali Linux 2. Ettercap 0.8.0 3. Sslstrip 0.9 4. driftnet, version 0.1.6 5. iptables How to use?? 1. download and extract XsanSniff 2. root@kali :~# chmod +x XsanSniff.sh 3. root@kali :~# ./XsanSniff.sh 4. Have fun :D what you should know?? 1. ip gateway or, 2. ip target, you must scan Before, use Autoscan or AngryIP scanner WHATEVER DISCLAIMER: modifications, changes, or alterations to this sourcecode is acceptable, however, any public releases utilizing this code must be approved by writen this tool (xsan-lahci)
Download XsanSniff

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